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It kills me that hi-vis yarn only comes in a polyester/acrylic. Wish there were a way to process wool or even cotton to do this.
On the other hand the best part is that hi-vis yarn is slate grey in regular light.
edit: going to ply it with wool to soften. (11:45am)

1982 Honda Motocompo modded by Rough Crafts in Taiwan

"Does it come in black?" (10:46am)
the SS-CP2
this is on my horizon
acronym drops are the best.
integrated hood? damn, erlsn you know what’s up. (12:45pm)
Obscur S/S11 (8:52pm)


RAF 22G/1398 TYPE G (12:59pm)
ak47:The Devon Tread F Watch from Authorized Dealer Watchismo.com (3:55am)

surplus-mag: Stealth Bomber Electric Bike The design of this bike leaves no doubt where it got its name from, and with a 120lb frame and 40mph max speed, this is no kids bike.
swamp core, stop posting fantastic things already. (12:45pm)
miansai leather and metal hook bracelet (10:11pm)

useful (10:47am)
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