Scanned self portrait for laser.
6mm per layer. 54 layers. (12:47am)
quadratic edge collapse decimation (1:59pm)
Arundel Castle (1959)Frank Stella from the series Black Paintings (12:33pm)
it’s not all dark cool edgy curation.
sometimes it’s merely me and my zombie minion sleeping in. (10:07am)
transceiverfreq (9:21pm)
1 of a series
two followers from 2500 (3:04pm)
Late night on the street (3:53am)

I’ve been listening to Vestigial Data, new EP by neon shudder.
This music recalls memories of light winds at night, dark concrete structures, and friends.
Portrait of transceiverfreq against the cityscape.
The artist Neon Shudder on tumblr
Listen to Vestigial Data here:
@spinalfracture took a lovely photograph in our lovely home, the warehouse. (8:11am)
Myself as photographed by spinalfracture (12:54am)
morning greetings to you abstract constructs, from my breakfast in bed at the warehouse (12:12pm)
#gpoy as they say. (9:17am)
got bored at work. did my own makeup.
more posts this week. work has been chaos and such. (12:57am)
portrait of a woman.alberto giacometti 1965 (12:40pm)
hello from the road.
stopped at babb’s coffee haus in jamestown, nd.after a trek and encampment in the north dakota wilderness last night.
recommend the dancing goats blend and the constant music of the 1940’s playing in the background. (4:04pm)
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