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  2. guykudo answered: Taking virtual tours. It would be one step closer to the Holodeck.
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  4. whisperoftheshot answered: congrats! and aside from building snowcrash’s the Street, I don’t konw what I would do.
  5. hard-wired-info answered: Put a cam on a flydrone and plug the feed into my OR. Mix with some serious AR software. Go flying.
  6. jrronimo answered: I hadn’t even considered these uses for a Rift. Now I want, badly. | Map out archaeo. dig with radar then use Rift to keep it pristine.
  7. digitalsmuggler answered: I’d use it for meditation. Have the desert with me whereever I go.
  8. logicianmagician answered: I might use it to meditate, or to just experience incredible layers of concentric infoporn. The full immersion would incite so much frisson.
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