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Shared from ‘ganeshmoto’ on instagram: @nelsonqueraltajr did the stage1 #zeusxb photoshoot be sure to view his talented work. Photos are being edited and will be posted soon! #buellxb #harley #buell #custombike #custom #futurebike #biker #motorcycle #concept #reality #tomanyhashtags http://ift.tt/1p2ogAy
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123 Victoria Street. London, Jan 2014.

白黒Wish my computer did this.

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original image book cover for philip k. dick (via boooook) (11:16am)

original by random-instants (7:31pm)

“Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp” Rembrandt van Rijn’s (7:22pm)

Adrian Ghenie, Jumping Off the Reichstag, 2008 (7:21pm)
Bill Viola — Heaven and Earth, video installation, 1992
The exposed tubes of two black and white video monitors are positioned facing each other, separated by a few inches and mounted at the ends of two wood columns that extend from the floor and ceiling respectively. The upper monitor shows video footage of the artist’s mother on her deathbed and the lower monitor shows the face of his newborn son only days old. Since the glass surface of each monitor reflects the image on the opposing screen, the birth-face and the death-face appear simultaneously as layered reflections within each other’s image. (via) (7:08pm)
designbyagent: Variations of the letter C #calligraphy #type #typography #wip (7:03pm)
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